Year 2

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Year 2A

Find out all about our latest news with Mrs Allard & Mrs Rattley

Year 2M

Find out all about our latest news with Mr Moody, Mrs Maney & Mrs Brown

10 November Year 2A trip to Bushey Library
24 November Year 2M trip to Bushey Library
17 January Year 2A & 2M visit to St Peter's Church
23 February Year 2A & 2M trip to Affinity Water Education Centre

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Year 2 Curriculum

Welcome to Abacus

Literacy terms and their meanings

Year 2 Information

Tasting Mexican Food June

Florence Nightingale Day

The Great Fire of London Day

Spring Term Overview

Summer Term Overview

A Science Investigation

Science Day

The Mystery of the Tent

Year 2 Story Boxes

Clay Lane Trip