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Parliamentary Review

Bushey Heath Primary School recognised in the Parliamentary Review. 

Representatives across a wide range of sectors came together in September’s Parliamentary Review to voice their strengths, challenges and expert opinions collectively. The review centres on improving school standards, transforming technical education and delivering infrastructure for growth. 

The best practice article for Bushey Heath Primary School can be viewed here:

Welcome to Bushey Heath Sports Blog


We are setting up a LinkedIn Group called Bushey Heath Primary School.

The aim of the group is to network on a professional basis with those who have a connection to the school via children past or present. It will also help in our future activities in making the school even better by identifying those with skill sets that could help with their expertise.

We are looking at a number of future initiatives to help the school where assistance and funding together with sponsorship opportunities will continue to improve the school and its environment for the children.

Please can I ask that if you are on LinkedIn and connected to the school that you consider joining this group which will be managed by the school staff for admission to the group.

As we grow we welcome relevant shares and posts as a way to discuss new initiatives.

I want the school to continue to thrive into the future and be in a position to always be ahead in terms of innovation and a great place for children to excel.

Best wishes

Penny Barefoot

The Sunday Times Top 250 State Primary Schools - Nov 2016

Bushey Heath Primary School is number 169 in The Sunday Times Top 250 state primary schools in England.

Update On Parking

Please can I remind everyone to park considerately in The Rutts, The Pantiles, Nimmo Drive, Rutherford Way and Rutland Place. The police have requested that I remind parents to NOT stop their cars in the middle of the Rutts to let their children out of the car before driving off. Rutland Place is private property so we as the public have no right to drive or park on that land.

Some of you park across driveways blocking cars in, this has made residents late for work, picking up their own children from school or appointments. When asked to move can be very insulting to the resident.

Some of you park up on the pavement making it impossible for people with push chairs or people in wheelchairs to get past without venturing into the road and putting themselves in danger.

If an emergency vehicle needed to come down the Rutts they would find it impossible the way some of you park. That delay could be the difference between life and death for a sick local resident or even a pupil at the school.

I am sure if the problems continue The Rutts could become a restricted parking zone and then no one would be able to park in The Rutts. We have asked the police to patrol The Rutts at drop off and pick up time. I know that recently a couple of parents were given parking tickets for the way they had parked. Local residents are told to contact the police with registration details if cars are obstructing their driveways.

It is possible to purchase a parking permit for the car park at the end of The Rutts for £15 per year, which entitles you to two slots per day, application forms are available from the School Office (please see the below link for the application form).

School Visitor Permit Application - The Rutts Car Park

The vast majority of pupils at this school live within walking distance so I would ask again that if you can walk to school with your children then please do so.

Thank you for your co-operation.

Penny Barefoot