Friends of the School

The Friends of Bushey Heath Primary School is a parent/carer-run organisation and registered charity. We exist to raise money for our school to buy extras that make the school life for our children and their teachers more fun, comfortable and help create a richer environment for all.

The Friends Committee will be run by the parents of children in Year 2, and in each subsequent year it will be the turn of the incoming Year 2 parents to run the Friends. This means that every parent gets a chance to be on the Committee when their child gets into Year 2.

Being part of the Friends Committee is fun, sociable, and a great way to use your skills for a very worthwhile cause.

The types of activities we do include fun social events, traditional family events and competitions. We have organised craft fairs, indulgence evenings, bingo nights, fancy dress, discos, Easter art challenges, design competitions, fashion shows, Christmas Fairs, summer fetes etc.

We look forward to seeing you at all our forthcoming events. If you are interested in taking part in any of them or have any wonderful ideas, please contact any of the committee (full list on noticeboard outside the school).

The major contributions the Friends of the School have made include a nature garden and large playground structures for the infant and junior playgrounds. Smaller purchases include ICT equipment and items for the classrooms such as musical instruments, play equipment, books and whiteboards.

We recently raised funds to purchase a canopy that enables all-year round play for children in the Foundation Stage, and new benches for the Junior playground.

The Giving Machine


Sunny 1  Sunny 2 Sunny 3 
 Stompy 1  Stompy 2  Stompy 3




 The nature garden.

We had some great ideas for our Easter Plate challenge.

Here are some of the entries ...

Rabbit Duck

Wembley Race

Chicks 110.jpg

Rabbit Rabbit

Space Tomatoes

bird Thomas

And here are the winners ...

154.jpg 155.jpg

156.jpg 158.jpg

159.jpg 162.jpg

163.jpg 164.jpg