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Year 3

Welcome to Year 3!

Find out all about our latest news with Mrs Griffiths, Mrs Small and Ms Robinson in 3G and Miss Allett and Miss Rosenthal in 3A.

We are all different but there is something kind of fantastic about that, isn't there?

Fantastic Mr Fox

Designing happy, healthy sandwiches in DT.

History Trip

Hatfield House!

By Serena

Today I went to Hatfield House,

It was so clean, not one single mouse,

I learnt about wives, the Catherines, the Annes,

Because I went my knowledge expands!

Old Palace

Persuasive Writing

We wrote adverts to persuade the reader NOT to buy something.


Sticky & Staining!

Do you really think that the perfect use for your money is a bundle of sticky, gloopy mess? Surely no one could!

If you do, you are going to want to read this. Slime is absolutely horrid. It could damage gorgeous furniture and leak on outstandingly priceless pieces of carpet. You will be perplexed by how sticky it is! 

Also, it can cause major injuries such as disagreements and fighting so your children could slip and get seriously hurt.

The hideous, perilous gloop includes ingredients that have chemicals in them that have to be added otherwise it isn't slime.

Another thing, this product is hopelessly messy when you make it.

So just remember this: DO NOT buy slime.

By Sarah

Art with a Message

We looked at sculptures created to persuade people to care for the environment.

Using plastic bottles headed for the recycling, we made our own sculptures with a message.


Save Our Seas!

Getting to Know You sculpture by Leila, 3G

Year 3 2018


Year 3 began the new school year by creating 'Getting to Know You' sculptures. Each different colour and shape represent a different piece of information about the sculptor.


In history, we have been studying the prehistoric times!

We looked at evidence for the existence of dinosaurs. Scientists have made many fascinating discoveries by examining clues left behind.

Studying 'coprolite'.