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School Closure

As you know, we make every effort to open in bad weather but this is dependent on the staff being able to get into school. Many of them live some distance away and on occasions are unable to make their way to school. I do need enough staff to safely open the school. If the school cook is unable to get to school this would mean that we would be unable to open as we would be unable to provide a midday meal.

Hertfordshire County Council have changed the notification system used to inform parents of school closures during bad weather or in a public emergency.

Please use the link below to sign up for the new notification system.

Each contact within the system can have two devices for each communication type, Text and Email. If you have children at more than one school you can register for those schools too in a single registration process by selecting all the schools you have children at.

Once registered you will receive messages relating to the status of your child's school/s.

If I feel it is necessary and safer to close the school we will post a message on the following:

Hertfordshire County Council Website

I will also have informed the local radio stations, who will give out regular bulletins.

Radio Stations

Three Counties Radio - 103.8FM/92.1FM/90.4FM/630MW/1161MW

Heart - 96.6FM

Watford's Vibe - 107.6FM

We will also email you if you normally receive email correspondence from us.

We will also try to staff the phones at the school as well as putting up a notice board outside the school. We will then place a message on Twitter and Facebook later in the day giving details of when the school will open.

When it is snowy or icy, we try to make our pathways as safe as possible by clearing the snow and laying down salt. Because of possible hazards, we ask that children refrain from going anywhere other than on the cleared pathways in the mornings until we have assessed the safety situation and advised them on where they can or cannot play. We want the children to enjoy their winter fun, but we also want them to be safe.

Penny Barefoot