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Personal, Social, Citizenship and Health Education

We believe that PSCHE are vital to helping our pupils develop their social skills and self-esteem by recognising their social responsibilities and the importance of their roles in different communities. We teach this through a spiral curriculum, which explores issues and ideas that are relevant to our pupils in a sensitive and age appropriate way.

Our PSCHE curriculum allows pupils to develop a knowledge and understanding of healthy attitudes and lifestyles (including but not limited to: drugs and alcohol, diet and exercise, sex and relationships). Our aim is for our pupils to have respect for others and themselves, and recognise the experiences of people with different backgrounds including race, gender and religious beliefs. In addition to taught lessons, our school helps pupils become more self-aware and able to create and sustain positive relationships, and enables pupils to recognise their emotional needs and develop tools to manage and express these needs in a positive way. 

EYFS & KS1 Overview

KS2 Overview


Jo Morris | Confident Kids

“Building happy and healthy young minds”


Pupil wellbeing, PSHE and skills-based workshops

07841 577045

Twitter: @confidentkids00

Confident Kids Workshops

From the children:

My Marvellous Mind: I really liked this and it helped me get all my happy thoughts in my head. It made me happy!

Special Me: It feels good to know that people see what is special about me.

Don't Worry About a Thing: Worries can steal your fun! I have lots of strategies to deal with my worries now.

We loved our Confident Kids workshops and were sad when they ended! They were so much fun and it made me think. 


"Confident Kids workshops have been a fantastic addition to our Healthy Body, Healthy Mind project and fully supported our PSHCE curriculum. Jo's passion and enthusiasm for well-being is infectious. Not only did the children benefit hugely from the sessions but staff have learned so much too".

"On behalf of the staff and students at Bushey Heath Primary School, I would like to send a huge thank you to Jo for conducting the Confident Kids workshops for our Year 5 and 6 pupils. The workshops were engaging, informative and provided excellent learning opportunities for our children upon returning after lockdown. We have all really enjoyed every single session".